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    I met my husband in a Bible-believing church in Abuja. I thought my husband was a believer
    but Im thinking to the contrary because of happened a few days ago. As a child of God I did not sleep with him all through our courtship period which lasted for 7 months. We did our traditional and after 2 weeks, we did our church wedding. After our wedding my husband always found it difficult to get intimate with me. The only time we got intimate was when I initiated or even forced him to it. About a week ago, it so happened that I came home unexpectedly from my shop to pick up something I forgot in the morning as I was rushing to meet up with school runs. When I got to our front door, I brought out my key to open it only to discover that it was not locked.So I pushed it open and entered wondering who must have left it open. Then as I headed to wards our bedroom, I heared faint moaning. When I pushed open the door, I discovered to my wildest imagination my own husband in bed with his best man. Im confused.How I how to handle this matter.My marriage is only 3 months old.

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    Divorce should not be considered, maybe the Lord brought you to him to help him.Talk to him one-one he might have a story to tell as to what lead to that act. And most importantly pray for him that the Lord will destroy that spirit in his life and also for genuine repentance. My suggestion though


    If ur husband is a gay ND u know ND keep silent by leaving with him ur male children will become his sex toy
    Ur brother ND friend are not exemptions
    U will be a generation of evil breed cut off from him
    Remain unmarried if u wish
    ND if u don’t u can pray ND move forward with ur life.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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