Doris Daniel Bot

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Miiddle belt (Nigeria) Christian spinster
Doris Daniel Bo

1.Name :Doris Daniel Bot

2.Sex : Female

3.Present Location: Jos City Plateau State

4.Facebook link :

5.Place of Worship: Living Faith Church

6.Occupation: Teaching

7.Are you a born again:Yes I am

8: Describe your salvation experience: It all happened in the church, after the Sunday Sermon, I had a strong conviction to surrender all.

9.Would you accept a marriage proposal from an unbeliever: Absolutely No

10.would you accept a marriage proposal from a person of another Faith(Islam): God forbid,,I will not

11.Education: NCE

12:What do you desire in a wife/Husband:I desire first and foremost Honesty,a God fearing man, someone with a gentle, patience heart, Love is one of the criteria, understanding should be topnotch,with a good sense of humour.

13.Are you a single parent?: No am not a single parent.


15.State of Origin: Plateau State

16:Tribe: Berom by tribe,One of the Majority tribe on the Plateau

17.As regards Marriage/Relationship what are your expectations:My expectations is that I want to be married and remain married,I want God to be glorified in my marriage.Let it be that even after so many years,I and my spouse will still be fond of each other through Christ.

18.With a paragraph not of more than 50 words describe your kind of person (include your beliefs, life perception and experiences etc): I love children, I am always dedicated to my work. Fun to be with and I love giving a helping hand if am in the position to help. My life’s perception is whatever life throws at you, just accept it in good faith.


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