Adebowale Grace

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    Young Yoruba spinster Adebowale Adeola Grace

.Name : Adebowale Adeola Grace

.Sex Female

. Email Address:

. Facebook ID Adebowale Adeola Grace

. Place of worship, Redeem Christian Church of God( RCCG)

. Occupation: Serving Corper.

.Are you born again? Yes

Describe your salvation experience..It was an experience I can never forget…

I got saved while I was under a ministration in sch, the man of God who preached talk about a conductor who only called people to enter into the bus but couldn’t follow them to reach destination and then I found myself, before then I was only a church goer but never surrender to Christ and then the minister called for alter cal and so I ran out from where I was and came to the alter.It was a great experience, the holy spirit touched me I didnt know when I ran to the pulpit because at first, when the alter call came, I was battling with it in my spirit not to come out but to the glory of God I got saved…

. Would you accept marriage proposal from an unbeliever? No 👎 please

. would you accept marriage proposal from a person who another faith say Islam? NO

I can’t be unequally yoke with unbeliever 2 cor 6 vs 14….The bible is against it …

. Education Level a University graduate,B.Tech in Electronics/ Electrical Engineering.

. What do you desire in a Wife/husband?

I desire a man that fear and love God.A man who is conscious of God always..A man who could stand up for what he believed in and never be shaken by circumstances of life.A man after God’s own heart. A man who could protect, love,guide and provide for His family.A man that would do anything for God…A man of wisdom..A man of integrity…A good listener🙏 one, who communicate effectively…

.Are you a single mother ?No

.Age (you must give your age range not just adult)30 years.

.State of Origin : Osun state.

.Tribe: Yoruba Language.

.As regards Marriage/Relationships what are your expectations?.

Well, I must say my expectations is to build a Godly home I can be proud of…I want my heavenly father to rejoice over my home.A home filled with great nations,( Godly children) A home standing for God, having God’s foundation.

With a paragraph not more than 45 words , describe your kind of person including your beliefs, perspective and life experiences…

Life experiences: Well, life has taught me a lot in which it can’t contain this page, life taught me to be focused, life taught me to live above having this mindset that someone will help out, I can only speak for myself no one will do that for me….Life taught me to lean on God, life taught me to be independent but always relying on God no matter what!

My belief…..I believe in the death and resurrection of the power of Jesus Christ, I believe there is heaven and the heaven start here on earth.I believe knowing Jesus, the way, truth and life save one from unnecessary stress because in Him alone you find solace..I also believe in nothing move unless it touches something that means I dont believe mountain move on your way except you have moved the mountain through prayers….


My kind of person, okay, so I am very understanding and calm lady, a woman filled with grace and love.A woman of integrity and a woman who love serving God, a woman who could do anything to makesure her home stand out.A woman who adores her husband and care for family at large.A woman who love her privacy sometimes when needed.A woman who could multitask, encourage and also motivate ( A very good one at ).An hardworking one and a time conscious woman.I like to spice things up and I like a peaceful home

minus boring home.A woman who exhibit introvert and extrovert which is unwavering in faith……A woman of few words but large mind…A lover of God

WhatsApp: +234 805 458 1610


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