Adeboye olusanya

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Adeboye Olusanya


➡️ Name:Adeboye olusanya
➡️Sex: Male
➡️ Present location: Lagos
➡️ Facebook SirRubile Sanya Adeboye
➡️ places of worship: RCCG
➡️ Occupation: Accect protection officer
➡️Are you born again: Yes
➡️will you accept marriage proposal from unbelievable:No
➡️Will you accept marriage proposal from personal of another faith: No
➡️ Education level:BSc in transporter management
➡️ What do you desire in a wife:I don’t have a desire of my own God’s desire is my will
➡️Are you single parent:No
➡️As regards marriage/relationship what is your expectations: All I what is a dedicated chid of God
➡️Age: Early 30s
➡️ State of origin: osun state

WhatsApp: +234704 638 0076


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