Benjamin Grace

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Nigerian Christian spinster
Benjamin Grace



Sex: female


Present location: Lagos State


Facebook link: @Grace Golden Millinerycrafties

@Grace Gotfocus


Place of worship: Assemblies Of God Church Nigeria


Occupation:Am a Milliner and also work in a printing company


Are you born again?

Describe your salvation experience: Yes, due to how I was being brought up I see myself loving God’s word, obeying His will


Would you accept marriage proposal from an unbeliever? NO


Would accept marriage proposal from a person of another faith say Islam? NO


Educational level: National diploma


What do you desire in a wife/Husband: Trust and God feared


Are you a single parent? NO


Age: (but you must give your age range not just adult). 29 to 34


State of origin: Akwa Ibom State


Tribe: Ibibi


As regards marriage/relationship what are your expectations.

With a paragraph not of more than 45 words describe your kind of person (include your beliefs, life perception and experiences e.t.c)


As for marriage and relationship, I will say that marriage is for mature mind not for boys and girls, as a single waiting for marriage you are to cultivate the habits of showing kindness and invest in something meaningful and not to waste the wait it, be committed in the Lord service.


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