Christiana Ilebiyi

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    A dark complexioned Nigerian singleChristiana Ilebiyi

1. Name: Christiana Ilebiyi

2. Sex: Female

3. Email Address:

4. Facebook ID: Christiana Ilebiyi

5. Place of worship: The Apostolic Church, Nigeria

6. Occupation: Educator and entrepreneur

7. Are you born again? Yes

8. Describe your salvation experience: Beautiful

9. Would you accept a marriage proposal from an unbeliever? No

10. Would you accept a marriage proposal from a person who another faith say Islam? No


11. Education Level: A university graduate, B.Sc in Accounting

12. What do you desire in a Wife/husband? A man who knows God and that we can g

13. Are you a single mother? No


14. How old are you? 27


15. State of Origin: Ogun state


16. Tribe: Yoruba


17. As regards Marriage/Relationship, what are your expectations? A godly home


18. With a paragraph of not more than 45 words, describe your kind of person including your beliefs, life perspective and experience: I’m a lover of God and an easygoing person. I love to impact positively with those I come in contact with.


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