How To Attract Your Dream Husband

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Many ladies would like to get married right away or at least in the near future to their dream husband. But they are not aware that there they are doing (or not doing) things that repel him from them. We are looking at 7 self-improvement qualities a lady must acquire to attract her dream husband:
1. Walk away from a toxic relationship
You have been in a relationship with a man for a relatively long period of time but he isn’t talking about marriage and when you raise the issue, he gets angry. But he mounts pressure on you to sleep with him and when you take in, he persuades you to abort, claiming that he is not ready for it. He beats you up on every slight disagreement and apologizes soon after, maybe with a gift. The truth remains that not only is this man using you to relieve his sexual pressures, he is taking you further and further away from God, into the waiting arms of Lucifer, the enemy of your soul. You can’t  live in disobedience against God and still expect the best from Him. ( 1st Cor. 6:18; Gal. 5:19; 2nd Tim. 2:22)
2. Build self esteem
Self-esteem is one thing you must build if you want to attract your dream husband.You may have had a few heart breaks, disappointments or rejections but don’t let that affect your self-esteem. Every man or woman no matter how rich or beautiful has experienced a disappointment or reject at one time or the other. You have to come to terms with the fact that not everyone will accept you. Assure yourself that you are wonderfully and beautifully made by the Almighty (Ps. 139:14). You may not be a beauty queen but there are areas that you have comparative advantage over other singles. People that suffer from low self esteem have unattractive personality.
3. Get busy with something
Another thing you must do to attract your dream husband is to get busy with something worthwhile. Get busy with your job, work in the church or community. It will help a lot especially if you are coming out from a failed relationship. It will help you to grieve less and forget the man in your failed relationship. It will also help you meet more people one of which may be your potential husband.
4. Get education or skill
Not many people these days want to marry a liability. So get education or skill that makes you employable or enhances self employment. The more you earn the more you are admired or attracted to your would-be dream husband. You should ask yourself, ‘apart from physical looks what else do I bring to the table?’
5. Dress smart
Don’t dress like a grand mother if you still intend to get married but dress in a way that indicates to suitors that you are up for grabs. You don’t have to be indecent or seductive in dressing but dress in a way that will attract equally descent suitors to your self. If you dress seductively and indecently, you will only attract men who want sex and not marriage. Even when the most wayward man is ready for marriage, he looks for the decent and innocent-looking (at least) girl.
6. Be friendly with people
If you want to attract your dream husband, having a friendly, attractive personality, and not a hostile, offensive and arrogant demeanor is sine qua non. Scriptures say that a man that has friends must show himself  friendly (Prov. 18:24). In other words, if you want friends be a friendly person. Let those you meet on daily basis find you easy to get along with. When the wrong person makes a pass at you  turn them down firmly but most politely. Do not insult people because you never can tell how, when and where you will meet your dream husband.
7. Build intimacy with Jesus Christ
Lastly, to get your prayer answered by attracting your dream husband and building a great marriage, you also need to know Jesus Christ intimately and learn to love Him (John 3:16). He will teach you how to love a man because true love is the fundamental quality you need in a marriage relationship. He will prepare you and when He finishes, He will bring one of His own whom He has prepared, to look after you. A man that knows how to love a woman. If a man doesn’t love Jesus there’s no guarantee he will love you. That’s why you see men who come to Facebook to proclaim love for their wives yet they go after baby mamas.You don’t want to win the attraction of your dream husband and loose him shortly after through divorce or separation. Therefore there’s need to makeJesus Christ your personal Lord and Saviour.

If you want to attract your dream husband this year, then walking away from toxic relationship, building self-esteem, geting busy with something worth while, getting education or skill, dressing smart, being friendly with people and most importantly building a relationship with Jesus Christ are 7 self improvement qualities you must acquire.

Do you have any doubt that these qualities will endear you to your dream husband? Well, lets have your take.


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