Margaret Okongo

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A christian Spinster
Margaret Okongo
  1. Name: Margaret Okongo
  2. Sex: Female
  3. Present location: Ghana
  4. Facebook I.D: Margaret Okongo
  5. Place of worship:  The Redeemed Christian Church of God
  6.  Occupation: Missionary
  7. Are you born again?* Yes
  8. Describe your salvation experience:* Through a short message listened to in a strange land traveled to for an examination, during a Sunday service.
  9. Would you accept marriage proposal from an unbeliever?* Capital NO!
  10. Would accept marriage proposal from a person of another faith say Islam?* Powerful NO!
  11. Educational level:* O’ Level
  12. What do you desire in a wife/Husband:* Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control.
  13. Are you a single parent?* Not at all
  14. Age: (but you must give your age range not just adult):* 30-35years
  15. State of origin: Edo
  16. Tribe:* Igara
  17. As regards marriage/relationship what are your expectations:* My marriage should display the compatibility of my spouse with me physically, emotionally and spiritually. And also for him to have, pursue and fulfill the same vision together with mine, in order to also be together at the marriage supper of the lamb.
  18. With a paragraph not of more than 50 words describe your kind of person (include your beliefs, life perception and experiences e.t.c):* I’m open hearted, jovial, selfless, liking to do to others what I’d also like them do to me, committed to the task of service of the Lord.
    My life experience: “in any challenging situation, let this 2P’s( *Prayer and Patience* ) always be your focus because no condition is permanent for the child of God.   Thanks and God bless 🖐️🖐️in Jesus name (AMEN) 🙏🙏🙏


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