Peace Onyinyechi Nwaoha

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Peace Onyinyexhi Nwaoha

Name: Peace Onyinyechi Nwaoha

Sex: Female

WhatsApp: +234 902 658 1554

Facebook ID: Peace chinny Augustine

Place of worship: Bible missionary church (BMC)

Occupation: Vegetable farmer/  Clothes Weaver

Are you born again? Yes

Describe your salvation experience It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me…..My Life is turned around for good

Would you accept marriage proposal from an unbeliever? No

Would you accept marriage proposal from a person who another faith say Islam? Never (Not even in my wildest dreams)

Education Level: Literate

What do you desire in a Wife/husband: I desire a God fearing man(Most important) Born again who is caring, loving, peaceful, financially stable and who’s heavenly conscious

Are you a single mother ?No

Age: 28 years old

State of Origin: Abia state

Tribe: Proudly Igbo

As regards Marriage/Relationship what are your expectations:A godly home and peace of mind.

With a paragraph not more than 45 words , describe your kind of person including your beliefs,Life perspective and experience? I’m a lover of God, an Extroverted introvert, I love making Jesus proud thereby always putting God first in everything I do, I’m very disciplined and for this reason I abhor indiscipline, I make sure I don’t neglect humanity too

My beliefs: I strongly believe in the Almighty God and everything pertaining to him including Christ’s birth,death and resurrection

I also believe that we’re but pilgrims in this world and someday we’d go back to our creator to give account of our works and be rewarded duely be it go or bad

Life perspective: living a life of Christ(Christlike) Doing the right thing at the right time and at the right places, impacting and putting smiles on people faces,making God, me and my family proud and lastly fearing God and keeping his commandments for that is the whole duty of Man

My experiences: Life has taught me so many things both good and evil and life also has really dealth with me seriously but thank God for always showing me mercy and the way out

I have met with the good, the bad and ugly people with so many different experiences from each of them in question. with some, beautiful experiences I with some, very ugly experiences but my experience with Jesus has been and will still remain the best so far😊.


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