Promise Dickson Chiwendu

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Promise Dickson Chiwendu


Name: Promise Dickson Chiwendu




WhatsApp: +234909 141 3549

Place of worship: Eternal Hope Christian Mission

Occupation: Student

Are you born again? Answer: Yes!


Describe your salvation experience: Answer: My salvation experience has been wonderful although there are times where discouragement seems to come in but God has been faithful. By His grace, I am still pushing forward to the Glory of God.

Would you accept marriage from an unbeliever? Answer: No

Would you accept marriage proposal from a person who has another faith? Anwer: No


Educational Level: National Diploma, currently in my final year for my HND program


What do you desire in a wife/Husband?  Anwer: Genuine love of God, peace of mind, support and becoming a better version of God’s will for himself


Are you a single mother? Anwer :No

Age: 24

State of Origin: Delta State    Current location: Lagos.

Tribe: Kwale

As regards marriage/relationship: Answer: my expectations are being Godly, having the fear of God in my home, Genuinely be who the Lord expect from us as saints according to the scripture. Let it be a home filled with God’s presence. My person: I’m born again through the grace of God. I am a leader and a follower, social, jovial and patient. A lover of God who through God’s help writes christian contents, an educator. I believe so much that everyone can be a better person of God’s version for themselves and also be as Christ-like.

My life perspective are live your life everyday pleasing God and fulfilling God’s demand, ensuring that no one is hurt and that everyone comes into the knowledge of the truth.

My experience: I will say God has been faithful. We’re standing now because God has not failed. There’s so much to talk about in our experiences and that may seem to take a while but in all things we’re still in the faith. Thank you


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