7 Things You Must Be Sure Of Before You Say I Do

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Many marriages today are at the verge of collapse because they started on wrong footing or faulty
foundation by not giving heed to God’s word.
Those affected, the only alternative left to use the word of God to mitigate the impact. However, for
those who are beginning their journey into marriage, who are yet to say I do, they must make sure
of these things before they plunge into the ocean marriage. So here are 7 things to be sure of before
you take the plunge
1. Affection Love and acceptance
Before you go into marriage be certain that there is mutual love , affection and true
acceptance between you and your spouse to be. You must ask yourself this question ‘do I
really love this person because of who is he or she is and not because of his or her looks,
social status or family connections alone?’
2. Assurance of God’s Will.
Intending couples must be sure the Lord is leading them into marriage. Does God speak to
you? And if yes how does He speak to you? Before now intending couples must have learnt
to hear God on other issues not just on marriage. Then when it gets to marriage, it will be
easy to hear from God having developed a habit of hearing God in the past. However it is
important to add at this point that the couples must be born again children of God before
God can speak to them (Psalms 32:8; John 10:27).
3. Do not be deceive by a pretty face
As a young man intending to go into marriage if a beautiful face, wonderful figure and fair
complexions are the only factors you consider in making your choice, bear in mind that
someday that face will bear wrinkles and the standing breast will sag. As a lady, is 6 packs
the only thing you consider in making a choice for a husband? Remember that one day 6
packs will disappear. Therefore in making your choice let good character matter more than
looks (Proverbs 31:30).
4. Do not be Deceived by Favour
As a lady do not let the man’s generosity deceived you. Be wary of accepting gift from
suitors so that your emotions do not over ride your reasoning (Proverbs 31:30).
5. Avoid premarital sex
Avoid sexual in any guise. Premarital sex leads to unpleasant consequences later
in your marriage. Premarital sex blocks your ability to hear God. When you are into it, you
might hear from your flesh thinking you are hearing from God. It could also lead to
unwanted pregnancy that compels you to marry somebody you know is not meant for you.
Often, when a man and woman engage in premarital sex, the woman is often the loser
(Hebrews 13:5).
6. Be Patient
Even when you are sure you have found your life partner, wait. Do not be in a hurry to jump
into it. Marriage is a life time venture why be in a hurry. Make time for courtship during
which you pray and plan with your fiancée (Isaiah 28: 16).
7. Agreement
Even when you and your fiancée have agreed to marry, you must seek parental approval.
Your spiritual and biological fathers must approve of your marriage. If that approval is not
given yet, wait and pray (Amos 3:3).

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  1. Ibeneme Gold Avatar
    Ibeneme Gold

    If this rules are strictly adhere to, I believe divorce will drastically reduce to its minimum.

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