Adekoya Oluwatoyin

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Adekoya Oluwatoyin

Name- Adekoya Oluwatoyin

Sex- Female

Present Location: Lagos State

Facebook I.D- Adekoya Toyin

Place of worship- RCCG

Occupation – Risk Manager

Are you born again- Yes

Describe your salvation experience – I have seen his faithfulness/mercy

Would you accept marriage proposal from a person of another faith say Islam? NO

What do you desire in a wife/ husband: I desire in a man, a God-fearing, hardworking,honest,caring, family-oriented man.

Are you a single parent? NO

Age: 38.

State of origin: Ogun State

Tribe- Yoruba

As regards marriage/relationship what are your expectations: A godly relationship leading to marriage .

With a paragraph not more than 45 words describe your kind of person(include your beliefs,life perception and experiences et.c – I am a reserved and caring person, lover of God and believe I can do all things through Christ.

Whatsapp: +234705 310 4349


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