Juliet Sam

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Juliet Sam

2. Name: Juliet Sam

3. Sex: Female

4. Present location: Omoku Rivers state

5. Facebook ID:Juliette sam

6. Place of worship: Assemble of God church

7. Occupation: Usher

8. Are you born again? YES

9. Describe your salvation experience: It occured during ministration

10. Would you accept marriage proposal from an unbeliever? NO

11. Would accept marriage proposal from a person of another faith say Islam? NO

12. Educational level: HND Holder

13. What do you desire in a wife/Husband: He should be hardworking, lovable, and Calm in nature

14. Are you a single parent? NO

15. Age: (but you must give your age range not just adult)

16. State of origin: IMO State (mbaise) years (30)

16. Tribe: Igbo

17. WhatsApp: 0810 694 1478


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