Ifunanya Lovely 

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Ifunanya lovely

2. Ifunanya lovely

3. Female

4. Agbara, Lagos state

5. Face Book I.D: Ifunanya love ikeh

6.  Place of Worship: Redeemed Christian Church of God

7. Occupation: store keeper

8. Are you born again? By d special grace of God, yes i am a born again

9. My salvation experience start when a friend of my sent me a link of NSPPD and I joined. I got stocked by d teaching of pastor Jerry eze and I decide to totalized my life by following christ.

10. No, I can’t marry an unbeliver

11. No, I can’t marry someone of another faith

12. O level

13. I desire a man that is totally out for God whom we will both work for God genuinely.

A man committed to d service of God by ministering love and salvation.

14. Yes, I have a daughter

15. I am 33yrs

16. I am Igbo by tribe

17. My expectation of marriage is a marriage full of love, mutual understanding, trust , peace of mind, respect, pleasant communication, care and importantly a prayer partner not a prayer point. A mentor, a teacher, a man of inspiration, a man of d word. A man with regards and honour gir God.

18. I have a simple but delicate personality. i hates lies, pretends, pride.I love open mindedness. I could easily be captured by a simple natured.A difficult personality freak me out easily. I find it difficult to get along with lousy and unreserved person.

19. WhatsApp: 0902 799 2100



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