Kehinde Iyabo C.

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Kehinde Iyabo C.


Name: kehinde Iyabo C


WhatsApp: +234 805 474 8826

Facebook ID kehinde Iyabo Ce celia

Place of worship: Baptist Church

Occupation: Clark and business

Are you born again? Yes

Describe your salvation experience. I gave my life to Christ 2012 till date.Would you accept marriage proposal from an unbeliever? No

Would you accept marriage proposal from a person who another faith say Islam? Never

Education: Level NCE.

What do you desire in a Wife/husband? Peace of mind.

Are you a single mother ? No

Age: 34 years old

State of Origin Oyo State

Tribe Yoruba

As regards Marriage/Relationship what are your expectations? A godly home and peace of mind.

With a paragraph not more than 45 words , describe your kind of person including your beliefs, Life perspective and experience? Am a lover of the God word, I love making Jesus proud, I will always put God first in everything I do, my beliefs,are simple, I believe in Jesus death,his burial , and his resurrection and he is coming back again for his saint.

.I like impacting life’s with the little I have, putting smiles on people face,serving God will all my body souls and spirits, and being happy at all times

My experiences, life has really shown me too much of things that I can never imagined, but all those things never stop my belief in Jesus and his words, I believe that everything will lead to testimony in Jesus name.



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