Oluwakoya temilade praise 

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Oluwakoya temilade praise

Name: Oluwakoya temilade praise

Sex: male

Present location: Ogun State, Ijebu ode

Email Address: temiladeoluwakoya41@gmail.com

Facebook I.D:https://www.facebook.com/temilade.oluwakoya.56?mibextid=ZbWKwL



Are you born again? YES

Describe your salvation experience: though I was born in to Christianity and I didn’t know that Christian race is more than religion. I didn’t know until I got enchanter last 3 years by having revelation about rapture/ catching up of the saints then God help me by sending a woman to me, which she introduced me to living seed discipleship after that I was baptism in the holy ghost and I receive the evidence of speaking in tongs and so on………

Would you accept marriage proposal from an unbeliever? (NO) thou shall no equally yoke with unbeliever

Would accept marriage proposal from a person of another faith say Islam? (NO)

Educational level: Olevel

What do you desire in a wife/Husband: fear of God, intelligent and submission

Are you a single parent? (NO)

Age: (but you must give your age range not just adult). 28 of ages State of origin: Ogun State

Tribe: Yoruba

As regards marriage/relationship what are your expectations. Probably to find perfect will of God and to be educated about marriage

With a paragraph not of more than 45 words describe your kind of person (include your beliefs, life perception and experiences e.t.c) I’m a very calm human being and a man of faith a man that wants peace all the time. A man that love truth and honesty even though humans nature doesn’t always want it. but with that we can build peaceful and perfect life that we all desire

WhatsApp: +234808 497 0570


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