Samuel Oladokun

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Samuel Oladokun

2. Name: Samuel Oladokun

3. Sex: Male

4. Present location: Abeokuta, Ogun State

5. Facebook link: Sam Oscar

6. Place of worship: Victory Life Bible Church, Life Stream Chapel, Onikoko, Abeokuta

7. Occupation: Media Professional

8. Are you born again? YES

9. Describe your salvation experience: It occured in an open ground crusade I went to where I dedicated my life to Jesus.

10. Would you accept marriage proposal from an unbeliever? NO

11. Would accept marriage proposal from a person of another faith say Islam? NO

12. Educational level: HND Holder

13. What do you desire in a wife/Husband: She must minimally chubby and beautiful. Any complexion is good. She should be sound intellectually too.

14. Are you a single parent? SINGLE

15. Age: (but you must give your age range not just adult).State of origin: 30 years (Oyo State)

16. Tribe: Yoruba

17. As regards marriage/relationship what are your expectations. Live my life with a partner that we will live a comfortable life, be a Blessing to people and achive greatness together.

18. With a paragraph not of more than 45 words describe your kind of person (include your beliefs, life perception and experiences e.t.c)

The person must be God – fearing, vision – oriented , supportive, caring and be good intellectually.

WhatsApp:+234 908 207 6910


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