8 Relationship Red Flags You must Not Ignore

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Redflags are behaviour patterns or character flaws in the man or woman you are in relationship with, which indicate to you that the relationship will not be favourable to you should it end in marriage. If you have ever noticed these character flaws in your partner before your going to the alter, ending the relationship immediately and not going any further will be to your own best interest. If you go into the marriage hoping that he/she will change, either of these 2 things will happen in future: The marriage may  eventually break up leading to heart breaks, inconveniences, losses, pains etc. On the other hand, you can also decide to remain in the relationship which eventually leads to marriage, tolerate the habit and endure in the marriage thereby condemnimg yourself to a life time of misery, sorrow and loneliness. So either way, you loose. So fam, I present to you 8 dangerous red flags you must not ignore are as follows

  1.  He or She is Sexually Promiscious
    Sexual promiscuity is one red flag you can’t  afford  to ignore. If you are in a relationship with a man or woman and   he or she finds it difficult     to stick to one partner   or he or she finds is   difficult to control his or her sexual libido, in marrying such a person, you may as well prepare   to  maccept the situation   whereby your husband   takes 2nd wife, have a   baby mama or sires   several children outside   the marriage later on.
  2.  He or she assaults you regularly
    If you are in a relationship    and your partner assaults    you at the slightest           provocation, then know that this person will be abusive in marriage. He or she may have a good reason for his/her anger tantrums but there’s actually no justifiable reason to assault a partner. Don’t be fooled by the fact that he buys you an expensive gift to apologise to you each time he batters you. You need to understand  that he will get worse in marriage and may likely beat you to death one day.
  3. He or she is a victim of substance abuse.This a very important redflag in restionship which you will ignore to your own peril. If your in a relationship with a person struggling with substance abuse especially drugs, don’t think twice about leaving even though you feel that you will be betraying him by leaving him when he needs you most. If he is showing signs that he wants to overcome his addiction, you must make sure he has started therapy with a counsellor and you must be doubly sure he has conquered the addiction before  jumping into marriage with him or her. Your happiness should be your first priority.
  4. He or she drinks heavily
    If you are in relationship with man or  woman who drinks heavily, chances are that his or her drinking habit will degenerate to full fledged drunkenness later in marriage unless he or she does something drastic about the habit. Remember more often than not, people don’t getter better in marriage, rather they get worse. Many drunks started with just 1 bottle of beer.
  5.  He or she is a habitual gambler
    Gambling like online betting, sport betting etc is a home breaker and relationship killer. In the home of a habitual gambler, money will always be an issue. Because a gambler is an addict, he makes provision for his addiction before his family, thereby depriving them of basic necessities of life
  6.  He deliberately refuses to work.
    If you are in a relationship with a man that is out of job and looking for another, it is understandable but when your man deliberately refuses to work but prefers to be idle way his time, hanging around betting centres or occupy himself with things that hold no prospects of an income, there’s a problem that will spell doom later, should  2 of you decide to spend the rest of your lives together.
  7. He or she is habitual liar
    If you are in a relationship with someone that lies just about anything and everything, it means that trust will be an issue in your marriage. Its not an exciting thought that you are going to spend your life with a man or woman you cannot trust
  8. He or she has no friend
    Many are oblivious of this redflag but spells doom to your relationship in the end. If you the man or woman you are in relationship with has no close friend, it means the person has no interpersonal skills, difficult to get along with or has poor human relation skills. It may mean that this person’s personality repels rather than attract other. It also applies to a person  does it relate well with his or her family members.

Have you ever been in a relationship in which you found some of these red flags? Would you be kind enough share with us how it all ended?

Wouldn’t you want to marry a man or woman that has dealt with any character flaw could constitute a red flag in your relationship with such a person? If your answer is yes then pay attention to this…


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