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Group Objective: This group was created for believers who want to marry within the will of God and who are determined to maintain chastity while waiting for their wedding. Bring your relationship/marriage challenges. We have a team of young believers versed in the Word of God who will give you Godly counsel.

Group Rules: These are the rules of Christian Bachelors and Spinsters (CB&S)

1. No posting of anything not related to relationship/marriage.
2.This is a group for young single believers in Christ Jesus. As such no post that promotes immorality, or sinful practices will be tolerated. Perpetrators will be banned without further warning.
3. This group is non denominational so if you want to post anything that advertises or promotes your church  you must seek permision from the admin. Otherwise the post will be removed.
4. No advertisment of any product, group or link, whatsoever is allowed. Violators will be removed
5. No abusive words, quarreling, foul language are permitted here.
6. Do not inbox anyone here or call any member without their the admin’s permission . And also note this is not a dating group. Defaulters would be removed.
7. This is not a platform for hook up. But it can be of great help to those  looking for Godly wife or husband. Those who want be introduced to good Christian sisters or brothers for marriage should follow our procedure and also visit
or contact the lead admin.
8. You can post a picture or a video of yourself but you must dress descently, no nude pictures or stickers are not allowed. Defaulters will be banned.
9. Report to one of the admins if you see any gross violation.
10. It is advicable to use your real picture on your whatsapp profile picture. It  enables members connect more with you. Besides it promotes transparency and show that you are not a scammer. But it howvers not mandatory to do so.

11. If a member has a question or you need an advice any matter relating to relationship/ marriage which you want the entire house to contribute, the member should not post it directly but should send it to the one of the admins who will post it for the member. Members are not permitted to post their questions or matter for advice straight without contacting first contacting one of the admins.🙏🙏🙏.

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