Short Notes CB&S Programmes

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1. MORNING DEVOTION (M.D): This is just morning prayers and brief Bible reading/exhortation. It will be rotated among members. Those who can lead should indicate to us.

2. PLEASE ADVICE ME: During this programme mbers bring their relationship/marriage issues for advice and members who are versed in the word will give you counsel.

3. INTERLUDE: During the period you can discuss with others, ask someone any questions you like. But without carnality . Its a time when you generally socialize with others in the group.

4. POST YOUR ARTICLE: During this period  you post any articles you have written or got from somewhere. Something you know will bless, encourage, educate or inform other members.

5. KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOUR (KYN). During this period, 4 members i.e 2 sisters and 2 brothers will be put on the spotlight.  They will tell us about themselves. Other members will ask them questions.

6. HOTSEAT: A member will give a talk or seminar on any matter topic relating to relationship/marriage and other members will ask  questions.

7. TESTIMONIES: During this time members share testimonies of what the Lord has done for them. This is aimed at encouraging others to seek God.

8. BOOK REVIEW: During this time, members  will be select a book on relationship/ marriage which they have read and tell all know about the book.


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  1. Efula ThankGod Avatar
    Efula ThankGod

    I will adhere to the rules and regulations of the group

  2. Ifemayowa Avatar


  3. Okere Anna Avatar
    Okere Anna

    It’s wonderful

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