Spirits That Destroy Marriage

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IncubusIncubus and SucumbusIncubus and Sucumbus are fallen angels popularly known as Spirit Husband and Spirit Wife respectively. Do you remember that prior to the time God destroyed the world through the deluge, the Bible reported that the Sons of God were marrying the daughters of men? Pleead Genesis 6:1 & 2. These demons are assigned task of opposing and destroying marriages on the planet Earth. Incubus take the shape of female while the sucumbus appear like a man. These demons are often water spirits who come to have sexual intercourse with people in their dreams. They cause a whole lot of problems in marriage. Basically their assignment is to destroy marriages and lives.They are very stubborn,  carrying out their assignment with a great deal ruthlessness. The Spirit wife marries man just the same way a human being (woman) marries another human being (man), same also goes for the Spirit husband and actual dowries are paid. The only difference is that the whole process is done in the spirit world and not the physical world. As I said earlier, these fallen angel cause a whole lot of problems in marriage. We are going look at some of them in this post. We are also going see what a man or woman is look out for to ascertain whether he or she is married to a Spirit Husband or Wife. Lastly we are going to learnt how to gain victory over these demons.


There are a few signs you will notice when a spirit wife or husband is present in your life:

1. Dreams of wedding

You are already married in the physical but you dream and see yourself in another wedding, exchanging marriage vows with another man not  your lawfully wedded husband.

2. Sexual intercourse in the dream.

The Lord did not create sexual intercourse to take place in the dream  but between a man and his lawfully wedded wife. Demons and angels are neither male nor female although they can assume many different forms. So when you see yourself doing it in the dream, it is most likely that you are being assaulted by a demon.

3. Breast- feeding in the dream

Some ladies see themselves breast-feeding or carrying babies in the dream.  God may use the dream of a lady carrying babies in the dream to show the lady that He is about to give her a husband and babies but more often than not, when a lady sees herself in the dream repeatedly breast- feeding babies, it is an indication of a spirit husband as sexual intercourse with spirit husband leads to having spirit children.


Spirit wives or husbands bring so many problems into the lives of their victims these include:

1.Delay in marriage:

For ladies, spirit husbands delay marriage in several ways. It makes a single lady to hate marriage at first. She begins to accepts the idea of marriage and suitors only when age is telling on her. They make ladies to be proud, stubborn and rebellious, making them very unappealing that no man wants to marry them. In certain extreme cases, the spirit husband put a repulsive odour on a lady that make men to stay far from her. Some spirit husbands will allow some ladies to have boy friends but immediately anyone propose, they will attack his business or job and make him jobless so that he is unable to make progress towards marraige.  Spirit husbands make the ladies that are their victims to very choosy about men who approach them for marriage. They can turn down a man’s marriage proposal for a very flimsy reason. On the other hand men that are afflicted by spirit wife make them also become too choosy on the choice of wife. They harass a lady that have accepted the marriage proposal of a man that is their victim so that the lady will suddenly reject the proposal for no justifiable reason.They make their victim  unattractive to the opposite sex and so on.

2.Poverty and set back

Spirit wives bring terrible poverty on their victims especially the men so that they won’t think of marraige. When a man under their control has a contract, interview etc, they can mess him up at the before osuch interview, contract etc. In the morning when he goes for the job or contract  he will loose it.

3.Infertility/ impotence

Spirit husbands block the womb of victims so that they cannot get pregnant. Spirit wives cause impotency and weak election in their male victims . I have seen a video where a spirit husband was having intercourse with woman right beside her husband on their matrimonial bed. Whenever they have sex with their victims, they release substaces that block the fallopian tube or cause low or no sperm count  impotency or weak erection. They ailments they cause can never be detected by medical science because they are spiritual in nature.

4. Immoral life style

They make their victims especially women to become highly sexually immoral. These demons perform so well in bed that no other man can handle the ladies like they do making their female victims never satisfied sexually by any man (human being), leading the lady into masturbation and deeper into sexuall immorality  thereby fueling their power to afflict them further. Therefore they can lead their victims into prostitution to satisfy their crave for sex.

5. Problems in marriage-For those who are married.

When they allow their victims the marry, they cause quarrel between husband and wife, faulting finding, mutual suspicion, infidelity, lack of satisfaction or fulfillment in marriage.



Sexual immorality of any kind creates an open door for Spirit Wife or Husband to enter the life of any person. Just as flies are attracted to filth, these filthy demons are attracted to filthy lifestyles. Sexual immorality includes but not limited to:

• Pornography

• Internet sex

• Sex chat

• Sending or receive nude pictures

• Masturbation

• Use of sex bot or dildos

• Voyeurism- peeping Tom

• Oral sex

• Fornication

• Adultery

• Bisexual acts

• Homosexualism

• Lesbianism

• Bestiality- sex with animals


• Meet a genuine man of God who will conduct deliverance on you

• Repent from an immoral lifestyle

• Remove all pictures of naked women or men in your phone and apartment

• Avoid T.V programes with explicit sexual scenes

• Avoid pornographic films on T.V  or the internet

• Cut off links with sin partners

• Drop a token ( money) on an anointed alter. This symbolizes the return of the token paid as dowry by your spirit wife or husband, to legally  bind you (in the spirit realm) into a marriage relationship.

Do you experience things in your dream that make you suspect you are under attack by spirit husband or wife? Share your experience.


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