Why Suitors Avoid You

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A single lady sorrowful moodDo you repel suitors instead of attracting them? Do you find it difficult or even impossible to retain a man in your life? If yes, then this post is for you.

Many ladies consider themselves beautiful or at least attractive, having all it takes to  attract a man into their lives and retain him but to their own disappointment, the reverse is the case, and because some culture frown at a woman chasing after a man and proposing to him, these ladies are condemned to endless waiting for the right man to come along. They are worried that years go by and age is no more on their side. When fortunes smile on them and a man befriends them and it appears that things will lead them to the side suddenly the man disappears.

There are quite a number of reasons suitors run away from a lady. We are going to look at 8 possible reasons men run a way from a lady.

1. Desperation
Some ladies have suffered several rejections, heartbreaks or disappointments in the past that  when the next man comes their way, they fear that the current relationship might end like the former ones. this fear leads to desperation that leads the lady to certain irrational behaviours that have the tendency to suffocate the new relationship and bring it to an abrupt end. Take for instance a scenario. where the lady expects the man to call her at least twice a day but when the man could not call do so due to his tight schedule or work, the lady continue calling. When he later has the chance to look at his phone he sees several missed calls. Such ladies need constant reassurance of love from their man  which may actually frustrate him.

2. Domineering spirit
Some ladies have terrible domineering spirit which makes them insist always that things must go their own way and if they could not achieve this they give their man the cold treatment or go into  temper tantrums. Such women want to be in control of the relationship and their man all the time.  This attitude drives suitors away as no man wants be under the control of another human being under his own roof.

3. Being old fashioned
Dirty  appearance and old  fashioned dressing  repel eligible suitors. A lady  seeking to marry must make every effort to dress smart and appealing without necessarily appearing seductive or exposing their sensitive parts. Also  personal hygiene is very important here. She must pay attention to her hair to ensure it doesn’t give off odour. She must treat body or mouth odour if there’s even the  slightest chance they exist around her. Also it is important to say that some ladies don’t dress according to their age or marital status. Some young and single ladies dress like old married women. So young unmarried ladies should dress in accordance with their with age and marital status as such mode of dressing confuses would be suitors.

4. Exhibiting Masculine behaviours
Some ladies simply behave like men. This may manifest in the way they look, dress, talk, act or even in the kind of chores or duties they undertake. No man wants to marry his fellow unless his is gay.

5. Pride
Some ladies are full of pride. Perhaps because of their educational attainment or level in the social ladder, they tend to look down on those who are not in their level. This attitude puts off  would be suitors. Scripture says that pride goes before a fall (Proverbs 16:18).

6. Social status
The average well-meaning and sincere suitor stays away from ladies higher than him on the social ladder for fear of rejection. They are often intimidated by the lady’s wealth or  social status. However, this is by no means glorifying poverty or non achievement.

7. Hostile attitude towards people you meet daily

We meet people every day in the course of our work or school. People gravitate towards friendly, happy people but repel unfriendly hostile, critical people.  A lady may meet a man interested in her without knowing it. The attitude she puts up will determine whether the man will pursue the interest or not . Some ladies put up a long face with a stern and critical disposition. The Bible says that he that has friends must show himself friendly (Proverbs 18:24). Put in the other way round, a lady who wants a friend must show herself friendly. Every body wants to marry a friend and nobody wants marry and enemy.

8.Spiritual Problem

Some ladies are having difficulty in attracting suitors due an underlining spiritual problem. There are different kinds of spiritual problems among which is Spirit Husband. In our earlier posts we discussed the issue of Spirit Husband and Spirit Wife and we encourage you to read them.

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