To Do Check list For Your Upcoming Wedding

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If the date for your wedding is already fixed than this post is to help you organise yourself and remind you of the things you have to do to make the day a success. I have made a list of the things you need to do:

  1. Printing your cards
    You need to arrange for a printer to print your wedding cards or buy an already printed card which you will take to your printer to add names venue and date.
  2. Book a  camera/ video man
    You need to book a good camera man ahead of your event especially if your wedding falls on festive period.
  3. Arrange for a caterer
    If you will engage the services of a caterer, you  wedding to inform her ahead of time.
  4. Arrange for vehicles.
    You need a good vehicle to pick the bride and groom. You can use one vehicle to the work or 2 depending on the size of your pocket. Also arrange fir the vehicle that will pick yours parents and your bride’s and the close family member from both sides.
  5. Arrange to purchase food drinks etc
    Perishable food stuffs should be bough a day or 2 before the wedding but can start purchasing drinks like wine  soft drinks etc. You need to visit the market to our pir have things like disposable cups,non perishable food items, souvenirs, ask me tags etc.
  6. Wedding Reception
    Arrange for an event centre where you will do the wedding reception. On the alternative you can approach your church to see whether it is permissible to use the church Hall for your reception. A church hall that can seat up to 200 guests will serve the purpose.
  7. Cooling of drinks
    Its necessary to serve cold drinks to your wedding guests. To achieve this you either arrange fir purchase of ice block from.cold room or go go for a Cooling van if you can afford it.
  8. Court marriage  certificate
    Some churches require you to obtain your.court marriage before you can do your church wedding. If that be the case for you,  arrange to do your court wedding for your church wedding.
  9. Wedding Invitation
    If you have collected your card from the printer  start distributing them. The bride to be will so collect some to distribute to friends and family.
  10. Band
    If you can afford it, arrange for the musical that will provide using on that day. A cheaper alternative is to approach the church choir to provide gospel music in wedding reception.
  11. Caterer
    Arrange for the services a caterer and you need to book her ahead of time. Alternative  you also arrange for female friends, neighbours or women from your family or family of the wife to be that can handle the cooking to cut cost.
  12. Camera/ video man
    Book for a camera/ video man
    If your wedding falls within the festive period you need to book him ahead of time.
  13. Wedding suit and gown
    Arrange to purchase the wedding gown. But it is better to hire it. Also arrange to purchase or sew your wedding suit. Also arrange for the suits and gown of the best man  chef bridesmaid, little bride and page boy. You may be fortunate to have best man that will offer to foot the bill for his own suit and shoes. Also the parents of the little bride and page boy may offer to foot the bill for dressing their children.
  14. Committee of Friends
    Set up your Committee of Friends
    This is a group of persons numbering 7 to 15  select by you, comprising of your friends, colleagues at work, church members, relatives etc whose objective is to see that the wedding is successful. Some Committee of Friends may even contribute money to assist you. They generally assist you by taking charge on the wedding day to ensure things run smoothly.
  15. Picking money during reception
    This one looks trivial but you will later find out how important it is. This because if you don’t put a trustworthy person in charge of handling the money being sprayed at you and your  bride on that day, most of it will be stolen

In organising your wedding, a lot of activities are involved. So there is the tendency to forget something that needs to be done. That’s why making a to do list is very important.

Do you think there’s something we didn’t include in this lis which you consider very imporant? Give us your feed back.


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